Priorities of the Council

Wimborne Minster Town Council have set up a Working Group to review its priorities and we will update this page once new priorities and objectives have been agreed (update May 2023)

In June 2017 the Town Council adopted a selection of priorities.  The Council will take into account these priorities when taking proactive measures and embarking on projects.  It will also be important that requests of the Council, both financial and otherwise, be complimentary to those priorities.

In arriving at this list, all Members of the Council contributed ideas based on their knowledge of the town and the known views of the residents.  The Corporate Plans of both Dorset County Council and East Dorset District Council were also taken into consideration to ensure that we are able to work in harmony with them.

Wimborne Minster Town Council Priorities 2017-2021


·         To be an ‘accessible’ town. We will be open to those with ‘protected characteristics’ according to the Equality Act 2010.

·         Be supportive of the development of youth opportunities.

·         Engage with residents to ensure we can adequately represent them in an honest and transparent way at Town Council level and other levels of Local Authorities where appropriate.

·         Be open and approachable to residents and proactively communicate the Council’s business, progress, projects and achievements.

·         To become a first point of contact for residents and community groups and also open to support the businesses of the town.

Town Support

·         To prioritise support for those groups and organisations that contribute to the health and wellbeing of Wimborne Minster residents, including those that facilitate events and festivals that present a sense of community spirit.

·         Maintain and develop/beautify the town to ensure it is an inviting place to live, work and visit whilst honouring its heritage.

·         Work and cooperate with other existing town organisations such as Wimborne BID and the Chamber of Trade & Commerce, for the greater interests of the town and its residents.


·         To monitor significant changes to the town’s housing and road network in order to work with other agencies to get the best outcome for the town i.e. that will minimise congestion and disruption.

·         Consider access points in and out of town to ensure the town is safe and accessible and take on appropriate projects to improve weak points.

·         Support improvement and retention of car parking in the town including supporting those residents that have no ‘off street’ parking.


·         To support Wimborne BID and the Chamber of Trade & Commerce in their work to enhance the local economy.


·         Recognise the importance of tourism and visitors to the overall economic growth of the town whilst mindful of the general wellbeing of its residents i.e. to ensure tourism is in harmony with a thriving residential community.

 Partnership Working

·         To seek out ways in which the Council may forge relationships with neighbouring Town & Parish Councils that may be of mutual benefit e.g. service sharing or insourcing.

·         To work alongside Local Authorities such as the District and County Councils to rise to the challenges that may be put to the Town Council as a result of service alterations by them.


·         Monitor and proactively seek to take crime prevention measures where it is possible to do so i.e. with the appropriate authority.

Recreation, Culture and Heritage

·         Provide and support facilities that will add to the recreational choices that the residents can enjoy, to include consultation with the residents on these matters.

·         Support events, festivals and projects that protect and enhance the heritage of the town.