Terms of Reference

  • Receive financial statements on the Council’s accounts
  • The preparation of the Annual Accounts
  • Grants to outside bodies
  • The fixing of charges and rents
  • Negotiating land transactions
  • The framing of Bye-Laws
  • Preparation of Leases and the monitoring of the observance of the conditions of the Leases
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • The management and maintenance of the Council’s buildings

Delegated to Committee

  • To receive reports on the position of the Council’s accounts at least once per cycle.
  • To administer on behalf of the Council the Committee’s approved annual budget.
  • To consider and determine applications for grant aid.
  • To fix charges for services within the purview of the committee.
  • To fix rents for any premises under the control of the Committee.
  • To negotiate land transactions on behalf of the Council including the content of leases.
  • To be responsible for all of the Council’s insurance matters.
  • To be responsible for the repair and maintenance of all the Council’s built assets, fixtures and fittings with the exception of the shelters under the control of the Recreation and Leisure Committee.