Wimborne Minster Remembrance Day & Armistice Day 2020 – Public Information

Plans have now been finalised for both Remembrance Sunday & Armistice Day here in Wimborne Minster this year – which due to the pandemic – is different to our normal annual event.

Remembrance Day 2020 – Sunday 8th November at 3pm

Church Service in the Minster:

Remembrance Sunday in Wimborne Minster will be commemorated this year with a Service in the Minster at 3pm.

Due to the pandemic limited numbers of only 70 will be allowed to attend services in the Minster – so it has been decided that with regret all places at the Service will be by invitation only from Wimborne Minster Town Council.

Parade To/From the Minster & Wreath Laying on Minster Green:

Due to the restrictions unfortunately there won’t be a Remembrance Parade to/from the Minster this year and the traditional Wreath Laying that takes place immediately after the Service will also be cancelled for this year – as there will potentially be too many people in /around the Minster at the end of the Service to be able to hold this event safely.

Armistice Day 2020 – Wednesday 11th November at 11am

It is planned that a small Armistice Day commemoration will be held on Minster Green at 11am – together with the laying of only 3 wreaths. The Local Community is asked to Socially Distance if they are present watching the event around Minster Green in the morning, please.

So that Local Groups who normally lay a Wreath can do so this year – it is proposed that all groups may purchase a Wreath as usual via Wimborne RBL – but due to the restrictions we’d like to ask all Local Groups to deliver their wreath to the Porch of the Minster Church between 1pm and 5pm on Armistice Day. Representatives of the Minster and Wimborne RBL will then lay and secure those wreaths on the War Memorial shortly after 5pm.