Wimborne Minster Greets South Koreans

On Friday 24th March Wimborne Minster Town Council flew the flag of South Korea in honour of some very special guests arriving to meet the Mayor and other Councillors, before taking a tour of the town and stopping for a bit of lunch.

The party of over 20 visitors, including 4 of their own Mayors, wanted to visit us as we have a similar reputation for living long and healthy lives.  The South Koreans have recently topped a global survey showing that their own average age reaches over 90 years!  The guests advised that they feel the secret to their long lives is attributed to their diet and the fact that they exercise well into old age.

The Mayor Councillor Sue Cook, hosted a reception at the Town Hall before guiding them to the Minster itself where they were given a guided tour by Christine Oliver.  They had lunch in town before heading off to see the famous Stonehenge.

The photographs below show a banner that the party proudly displayed, which depicts details of their impressive longevity, along with their Tour Guide Mayor Samuel Rhee who presented a gift of fans to Cllr Cook.

Thanks to the Wimborne Camera Club for taking the photographs on the day.