At 10.45am on Friday morning the Rector of Wimborne Minster the Revd Canon Andrew Rowland tolled the Sanctus Bell of the Minster 75 times to mark the 75th anniversary of the ending of the second world war. The Rector then conducted a short service beside the War Memorial on the Minster Green. This included a Reading, a couple of prayers one being that said in Westminster Abbey on 8th May 1945, together with the Lord’s Prayer and the Blessing. A small number, observing social distancing, spontaneously gathered around whilst the Service took place. At 3.00pm the Rector again tolled the Sanctus Bell 75 times to mark the announcement of the end of the war in 1945.

On Sunday 10th May at 3.00pm the Rector led a Webinar VE75 Commemoration Service using the nationally provided resources.  This was a Civic Service with the Mayor of Wimborne Minster Cllr Shane Bartlett taking part as well at the Revd Bill French, Associate Priest at Wimborne Minster and Chaplain to the Wimborne Branch of the Royal British Legion and the Revd Heather Waldsax, Associate Priest at Wimborne Minster (all attending via video link). The two Readings were read by Peter Cook, one of the Minster’s Churchwardens and Anthony Oliver representing the Governors of Wimborne Minster. The Service was recorded and later aired on Radio Wimborne.

Photo (by courtesy of Nicholas O’Hara) shows The Rector of Wimborne Minster, The Revd Canon Andrew Rowland with head bowed beside the War Memorial on the Minster Green on Sunday morning.