Chris Brown, the Town Mayor’s Serjant & Crier of Wimborne Minster has a very special trip planned to France on the 1st July.   Having applied to be part of the 100th year anniversary trip, Chris and his wife, will be travelling as part of a small exclusive group selected by ballot, to travel to the Thiepval Memorial.  The war memorial is to 72,195 missing servicemen who died in the Battle of the Somme in 1916.  Chris has been undertaking research on World War 1 as part of his ongoing project to Remember the 100th  anniversary of each of Wimborne’s fallen with a Cry upon the Minster Green and was particularly keen to travel to the site to remember those missing from the Wimborne area.

Chris said “ The war to end all wars has always been a keen interest of mine since I learned as a youngster about how much my Grandma missed her brother Jack who never returned and she couldn’t understand why wars should happen at all. From there I have been an avid reader of participants personal histories and tried to find answers for my late Grandma and I guess I am still searching.  I now believe it to be beholden upon us to remember those who went through so much and work towards the goal of peace and to demonstrate that we have not forgotten what these people went through in the hope it is not repeated again.”


Picture shows Chris Brown with the Mayor holding the Wreath.

His luggage will contain some very special extra items which he is taking on behalf of the Town Council and Wimborne Royal British Legion.  A wreath of poppies dedicated to the missing of Wimborne Minster will be laid on the war memorial and Chris will move on to cemeteries across the Pas De Calais region where he will place individual wooden crosses on as many of Wimborne serviceman’s graves as he can during his time there.



If anybody has a relative or someone they are thinking of buried in that region and you would like Chris to visit then please send him an email with as much information as you can to and he will try to do so.