The Town to look Sew Good!

Bunting for the Town!

A good idea was sewn earlier this year! That was to have Wimborne Minster adorned with colourful bunting throughout the summer season.  However, these things take some financing and organising so Wimborne Minster Town Council reached out to the Community to see if volunteers wanted to come forward to make it happen!  Wimborne War on Waste who helped the town to achieve ‘plastic free status’ last year are keen that volunteers do what they can to upcycle and recycle to avoid having to use any single use plastic.

Town Mayor Cllr Mrs Kelly Webb said “When a couple of our Councillors suggested we ought to try and have our market town decorated in bunting, I was keen to try and ensure we did this in a sustainable way so asked Wimborne War on Waste for advice.  They sprang into action and volunteers have been coming forward ever since.  We need a lot of bunting!  We expect to have a combination of home made, new and possibly some left overs from previous years – but most importantly – no new plastic!”


The facebook group Wimborne Minster Bunting has been created for keen crafters to get involved.  If you have some spare fabric and time and would like to see a string of your own creation hanging from the streets this year – join the facebook group for full details of what is required and get involved!