Wimborne Minster Town Council

Planning Applications

The principal Planning Authority is the Unitary Authority of Dorset Council.  Wimborne Minster Town Council is treated as a ‘consultee’ but has no authority to approve or reject any application.  You can find out more about the Planning process and search for specific applications by going to Dorset Council website here.

We are periodically advised of new applications and decisions by Dorset Council and some of those new applications may be discussed at one of our Planning Committee meetings.  You can see a calendar of our meetings here.

Where applications are to be discussed at Planning Committee, this information will be added to the specific meeting agenda.  All Agenda’s for forthcoming meetings can be found here.


3/20/0131/HOU 4 Crescent Road Single Storey Rear Extension (amended plans or more information received)
3/20/0124/HOU 34 Venator Place Single storey front extension, new bay window to rear elevation, alter existing windows and create new windows on both side elevations
3/20/0216/ADV Cricketers Arms, 12 Park Lane Two externally illuminated fascia signs; two externally illuminated hanging signs; three nonilluminated amenity boards; one poster case; five window vinyls; four lanterns; and four LED floodlights
3/20/0191/CONDR 6 East Street Variation of Condition 1 of Planning Permission 3/17/3060/CONDR to permit retention of patio with some raised beds to the north of the garden and continuation of the use of the rear garden as a storage area, ancillary to the lawful use of the property
3/20/0337/CONDR 61 Barnes Crescent Vary condition 2 (approved plans) of PA 3/19/1807/FUL to extend and move the proposed dwelling
3/20/0496/NMA Park Farm House, Leigh Road Non material amendment to 3/19/2426/RM to amend visitor parking bays material- tarmac instead of block paving
3/20/0268/LB 12 Park Lane Erection of illuminated and nonilluminated signs to the exterior of the building  and re-decoration of the building
3/20/0331/CONDR Yard, 28 Old Road Application to vary condition 2 and 3 of planning permission 3/18/3456/FUL – errect an office building and demolish an outbuilding – to allow the inclusion of photovoltaic panels on the roof slope
3/20/0404/FUL Rydal House, 22 St Johns Hill Proposed replacement windows and doors from timber to heritage type upvc
3/20/0310/HOU 18 King Street Demolish existing garages and rear single storey extension and erect new single storey side and rear extensions with new double garage. Extend first floor to the front elevation and by the formation of hip to gable alterations to the existing roof. Additional living accommodation is to be created on the second floor within the roof space with the insertion of roof lights to the rear elevation
3/20/0474/CONDR 16-17 East Street Minor-Material Amendment to Planning Permission 3/19/0786/FUL (to sub-divide property to provide dwelling and shop) to revise roof light size and add roof light on rear roof slop
3/19/2449/FUL Land south of Leigh Road Replace approved retail unit (not commenced) with 64 bed care home with associated access, car parking, foul and surface water drainage and landscaping


3/20/0102/HOU 93 Leigh Road Single Storey rear extension No Objection Granted
3/20/0131/HOU 4 Crescent Road Single Storey rear extension No Objection Granted
3/19/2310/FUL Harleston House Internal and external alterations to existing supported living home No Objection Granted
3/20/0290/PNOD 6 The Square Conversion of existing B1 offices to C3 residential to form 8 flats   Granted
3/20/0045/LB Tivoli Theatre Alterations to previously approved proposals ref 3/18/3104/LB (to erect a new canopy to the front façade of the exisiting building including signage and lighting as drawings indicate). Changes to font and lighting of canopy No Objection Granted
3/20/0327/HOU 1 Hardy Crescent Single Storey rear extension with pitched roof No Objection Granted
3/19/2489/FUL Land to east of 52-68 Hardy Crescent Construction of pre-fabricated bin stores (to serve 34-50 Hardy Crescent & 52-68 Hardy Crecent) No Objection Granted
3/19/1769/FUL Flight Refuelling, Brook Road Erect industrial building on a concrete slab. As amended by plans rec’d 28/01/2020 to enlarge the building and amend its siting to be further from the site boundary with housing to the east No Objection Granted
3/20/0187/FUL 51 Barnes Cres Sever plot, demolish exisiting outbuildings and erect a pair of 2 bedroom semi-detached dwel No Objection Refused
3/20/0025/CONDR 4 Rowlands Hil Minor Material Amendment to permission 3/19/0006/FUL (Erection of 8 no. 3 bed flats and 1 no. 3 bed house after demolition of existing dwelling) to vary condition 2 (Approved Plans) to amend proposed access and windows on Unit 9. No Objection Granted
3/19/2188/HOU 8 Redcotts Single storey side extension an alterations to existing outbuilding (Amended proposal) Regarding the changed plans (3/19/2188/HOU) the Town Council is of the opinion that the side extension is still seen from the road therefore still means that it disrupts the visual appearance of the row of houses in the SCA. We also believe that conservation areas must be taken seriously to protect our historic town. Granted
3/20/0123/CONDR Tivoli Theatre Vary condition 2 (approved plans) of previously approved proposals ref: 3/18/3103/FUL (to erect a new canopy to the front facade of the existing building including signage and lighting as the drawings indicate) to vary signage and lightin The Town Council has a close business relationship with the Tivoli Theatre management and it would be inappropriate for the Council to comment on these related applications. Granted




16-17 King Street Demolition of existing building and the erection of two properties- a mix class C4 HMO (four beds with shared facilities) on ground floor with 2no. (Class C3) one bed flats at first floor; and a five bed (Class C3) dwelling house.   Granted
3/20/0124/HOU 34 Venator Place Single storey front extensions, new bay window to rear elevation, alter existing windows and create new windows on both side elevations along with alterations to terrace and widening dropped kerb No Objection Granted