Wimborne Minster Town Council

Planning Applications

The principal Planning Authority is the Unitary Authority of Dorset Council.  Wimborne Minster Town Council is treated as a ‘consultee’ but has no authority to approve or reject any application.  You can find out more about the Planning process and search for specific applications by going to Dorset Council website here.

We are periodically advised of new applications and decisions by Dorset Council and some of those new applications may be discussed at one of our Planning Committee meetings.  You can see a calendar of our meetings here.

Where applications are to be discussed at Planning Committee, this information will be added to the specific meeting agenda.  All Agenda’s for forthcoming meetings can be found here.


3/19/2488/LB 46 East Street 3 no. signs: 1 corner sign to first floor corner to East Street, 1 no. hanging sign to the ground floor east elevation, and 1 no. hanging sign to the first floor east elevation
3/20/0187/FUL 51 Barnes Cres Sever plot, demolish existing outbuildings and erect a pair of 2 bedroom semi-detached dwellings
3/19/2188/HOU 8 Redcotts Single storey side extension an alterations to existing outbuilding (Amended proposal)
3/20/0123/CONDR Tivoli Theatre Vary condition 2 (approved plans) of previously approved proposals ref: 3/18/3103/FUL (to erect a new canopy to the front facade of the existing building including signage and lighting as the drawings indicate) to vary signage and lightin
3/20/0045/LB Tivoli Theatre Alterations to previously approved proposals ref: 3/18/3104/LB (to erect a new canopy to the front facade of the existing building including signage and lighting as the drawings indicate). Changes to font and lighting of canopy
3/20/0025/CONDR 4 Rowlands Hill Minor Material Amendment to permission 3/19/0006/FUL (Erection of 8 no. 3 bed flats and 1 no. 3 bed house after demolition of existing dwelling) to vary condition 2 (Approved Plans) to amend proposed access and windows on Unit 9
3/20/0019/HOU 1 Marlborough Place Single storey side and rear extensions, front porch and detached double garage. Demolish existing garage, conservatory and portic
3/20/0327/HOU 1 Hardy Cres Single storey rear extension with pitched roof
3/20/0020/LB 16 West Borough Redecoration of front elevation facing West Borough including render, window frame paint & door paint.
3/20/0191/FUL 6 East Street Retention of patio with some raised beds to the north of the garden and continuation of the use of the rear garden as a storage area, ancillary to the lawful use of the property


3/19/2017/HOU 38 King Street Construction of a new car parking space to the side of No 38 to be accessed from King Street No Objection Granted
3/19/2308/HOU 72 Leigh Road Single Storey extension No Objection Granted
3/19/2323/HOU 1 Lacy Drive Single Storey extension No Objection Granted
3/19/1596/FUL Allenview South Car Park ‘Replacement of the culverted bridge into the Allenview South car park. Creation of a temporary access off Hanham Road into Allenview South Car Park to enable access whilst bridge is closed. This forms part of a wider Wessex Water scheme to upgrade the sewer network, connecting the new housing development to north of Wimborne. A new storage shaft, pipelines, inspection chambers, etc and an above ground control kiosk will be progressed under permitted development rights, as detailed on plan C9872-712-B No Objection Granted
3/19/1780/LB 2 West Borough also known as 1 The Square The removal of existing asbestos panels on second floor, forming a sloping soffit above a corridor on the first floor. Installation of new flooring to match existing and a new vertical timber stud partition lined both sides with lath and lime plaster. Installation of new removable timber stud partition forming new corridor to allow sub-division of office No Objection Granted
3/19/1913/FUL 19 & 19a Wimborne Road Demolish existing annexe and erect a detached 4no bedroom dwelling with associated access onto Burts Hill and and parking No Objection Refused
3/19/2011/FUL 28 West Street Change of use from A1 Shop to D1 Clinic (Podiatric & chiropody clinic) and internal alterations. No Objection Granted
3/19/2151/FUL 10 Wim borne Road Proposed new windows to ground floor west elevation to facilitate internal reconfiguration of offices and meeting rooms. No Objection Granted
3/19/2175/LB 28 West Street Change of use to podiatric and chiropody clinic.  Minor alterations to provide treatment room, ante room, cloakroom and reception area No Objection Granted
3/19/2346/LB Gulliver House Form new window opening on south elevation No Objection Granted
3/19/1927/FUL 20-23 East Street Demolish existing extensions; insert new openings to allow the subdivision of the ground floor to form three A1 units; and insert new openings and a change of use to first and second floors to form eight apartments. Erect seven residential properties (arranged as two pairs of semidetached properties and a terrace of three units) together with associated access and parking accessed from Park Lane No Objection Granted
3/19/1507/LB Tivoli Theatre Replacement front doors (retrospective) No Objection Refused