Wimborne Minster Town Council

Climate Change

Wimborne Minster Town Council declared a Climate Emergency at the Full Council meeting in July 2019.  The Council undertook to set up a Task and Finish group to look at what pro active measures could be taken and to create policies for new purchases and contracts.  See the Terms of Reference document below.

The Task and Finish Group met monthly and created project streams specific to the following discreet topics;

  • Buildings
  • Bio diversity and Land
  • Waste and Recycling
  • Plant and Machinery

An energy assessment and report was commissioned and then conducted by Low Carbon Dorset.  This together with other analysis on WMTC assets, produced a clear picture of likely action that could be taken to reduce carbon footprint.

Steps are being taken to secure quotes and appropriate suppliers that can implement changes in order to reduce the Councils energy consumption.

Policies are also being written that will ensure that where we engage with external suppliers and contractors, we will aim to ensure they hold the same values as WMTC with regarding to those project streams identified in our Terms of Reference.

It was agreed in February 2020 that the structure of a project was no longer necessary as the bulk of the research had been done and implementations were underway (having agreed a budget for such changes – in the 2020/21 annual budget).

Other activity that the Town Council may take – as identified in the project streams, relate more closely to working with external parties and town organisations.  As such this is considered more ‘business as usual’ for the role of Councillors.  Any Councillor may ‘champion’ a particular idea or project in line with our commitment to the Climate Emergency declaration.  Such projects may be brought back to the Town Council for consideration at any time.

The Task and Finish group will continue to meet quarterly to discuss any progress and ideas and the Chairman of that group – Cllr Webb, will provide updates on any changes or progress, to full Council meetings.

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