Wimborne Minster Town Council

Forthcoming Meetings

The Town Council is currently not holding physical meetings due to the Coronavirus epidemic and the published schedule of meetings has therefore been suspended.  However, it has adopted a policy and changes to Standing Orders to allow for virtual meetings to be held in accordance with ‘The Local Authorities (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority Meetings) (England) Regulations 2020’ .

An agenda and supporting documents will be published on the Town Council’s website and noticeboards in accordance with The Local Government Act 1972 and the 2020 Regulations mentioned above.  Any person unable to access documents on the Council’s website should contact the Council by telephone on 01202 881655 or email office@wimborne.gov.uk  and arrangements for a copy to be sent to you can be agreed.  In cases where documents originate from a third party, electronic links/hard copies will be provided where available.

Wimborne Minster Town Council will utilise Zoom to provide video communications.  Zoom enables video and audio conferencing for persons using mobile devices, desktops, and fixed room systems.

In preparation for the meeting the Clerk of the meeting will include the following information with the Agenda:

  • The Zoom meeting link for audio only
  • Meeting ID
  • Meeting passcode if necessary

 Members of the public and press will be allowed to listen and watch the meeting in audio mode only. To avoid disruption they will not be displayed on video or be able to be heard by the meeting.

Any questions which members of the public wish to put to the Council or Committees must be in writing and received by 9.30 am on the preceding working day before the meeting using the following email address: office@wimborne.gov.uk.  Alternatively, a written question can be delivered to the Town Hall by 9.30 am on the preceding working day before the meeting. Every effort will be made to answer the question at the meeting but there may be a need to obtain information from other sources and in those circumstances a written response will be provided at a subsequent time.



There are no meetings for this period