Wimborne Minster Town Council

How We Are Funded

The Council Tax is paid by over 2,700 households in Wimborne Minster. It includes the spending requirements of Dorset County Council, East Dorset District Council, Dorset Police and Dorset Fire Authority as well as the Town Council. The District Council is responsible for collecting the Council Tax. Many people do not realise that the Town Council does not receive any money from central government, unlike the County and District Councils; neither does it get any of the non-domestic rates which local businesses pay.

Each year the Town Council calculates the money it needs to raise to provide its services. Then it deducts income which it expects to receive from fees and charges such as the hire of sports facilities, lettings of the various rooms, rents, etc to leave the amount it requires to spend on the services and any capital projects which are planned for the year ahead. This sum, called the precept, is the amount the Town Council asks the District Council to collect for it. The District Council does this as a proportion of the total Council Tax paid by householders in the town.