Skate Park - Redcotts Recreation Ground

As a Local Authority, we take very seriously the Health & Safety of our residents.  During the Pandemic, we have been liaising closely with Dorset Council and following Government guidelines which have been changing regularly.  We have reacted as quickly as possible to instructions and guidelines by withdrawing facilities and then making them available again when appropriate.

At this time, it is still the advice that ‘skate ramps’ be closed but clearly with the Redcotts skate ramp being in an open environment, the options to restrict   access are limited.  The fencing erected a week ago has been removed on a number of occasions by individuals intent on using the facility.  This in itself causes issues of additional hazards for those using the ramps but also potential damage to hired fencing.

For this reason, the fencing is being removed, leaving the facility open.  We have reluctantly taken this measure and would still reiterate that all children should be advised by their families that the facility should not be used.  In the event that they are intent on using it, please read the latest government safety advice during the Pandemic.