Shoe Boxes for Local People

This Christmas, the Wimborne Minster Town Mayor is supporting a ‘shoe box’ appeal in aid of local homeless people.  Rachel Taylor who lives locally, has coordinated this effort for 3 years now supporting the great idea of the late and much loved Cllr and Ferndown Town Mayor, Steve Lugg.  Ferndown Town Council is continuing with the appeal and with Wimborne Minster joining in, it can be the best yet!

Cllr Mrs Kelly Webb said “There are many worthy causes to support but sometimes people do like to feel they are making a difference locally.  This is an opportunity to put shoe boxes together that will help those homeless people in our immediate area”.

The shoe boxes need to be handed in by 30th November and can be delivered to the Town Council, The Allendale Centre, Allendale House or the East Dorset Council offices at Allenview House.

Items needed are ;

Hats, gloves, scarves and socks, toiletries (no aerosols), face cloths/small towels, torch (with batteries), sachets of drinks/soups, dry foods/tins/confectionary and first aid kits.

Please label the gift box as ‘Female’, ‘Male’ or ‘Unisex’. If possible, please wrap your shoebox in wrapping paper with the lid wrapped separately.

Deputy Town Mayor Cllr Shane Bartlett said “Steve was a close friend of mine and was very keen on this initiative, so it’s an honour that we can continue the great work he started”.

All boxes will be sent to the Help for Homeless charity.


Q. Do I need a shoebox?

A. No – if you don’t have a box, that’s not a problem, just put the items in a bag – we have lots of spares, we can transfer it later.

Q. Who gets the boxes?

A. Homeless people in the nearby areas including Poole and Bournemouth, this is a local campaign.

Q. How do I wrap it up?

A. Please wrap the bottom of the box and the lid separately so that we can open the lid to check items are safe and appropriate.

Q. Can I give any items containing alcohol?

A. No, this includes any alcohol based hand gels.

Q. Should I include a Christmas Card?

A. Of course you’re very welcome to give some Christmas wishes but please don’t include any of your own personal details.

Q. When do you need the shoe boxes?

A. By the 30th November please.

Q. Where can I take them to drop off?

A. Allendale House, Allendale Centre, Wimborne Minster Town Council or East Dorset District Council offices at Allenview House in Hanham Road.