Wimborne Minster Town Council

Payment To Suppliers

Every month we publish a list of the payments that we have made to the various companies, bodies and individuals who have supplied the Council with the goods and services we need.

This information has always been available on request but we have decided to publish it on our website in response to a request from the Government for all Councils to do so. Indeed, we are going further than the Government asked us to because we are publishing details of all payments we make, not just those over £500.00 although the lists do not include individual salaries paid to staff or minor purchases which are made out of petty cash.

We understand that some people might want to analyse the payments we make in depth so the files below are in “CSV format” which can be opened and processed by a variety of applications. Please note that these files are intended for analysis and are not in a printer-friendly format – if you want printed lists you should use the “PDF format” links.

If you would like to know more about an individual payment please contact our finance people on office@wimborne.gov.uk.