Wimborne Minster Town Council

Council Tax

Council Tax 2019 / 20

If you have a general enquiry about your Council Tax bill then you should contact the Stour Valley Partnership on 0345 034 4569 or email: svpp@poole.gov.uk.

The Council’s net spending requirement for 2019/20 is £387,300. This represents a basic Council Tax Charge for a Band D property of £131.20 (2018/19 – £127.11). The main expenditure for 2019/20 compared with 2018/19 is summarised as follows

Main expenditure (£) 2018/19 2019/20
Administration 140,720 242,850
Town Hall 8,525 5,090
Mayoral and Civic 9,650 10,272
Wimborne Cemetery Precept 11,630 11,970
Subscriptions & Grants to Local Organisations 32,250 32,250
Contribution to Citizens Advice Bureau 8,000 8,000
Buildings 26,447 22,447
CCTV 8,161 6,236
Planning & Environment 550 530
Contribution to The Square Refurbishment (10yrs) 3,000 3,000
Recreational Facilities 90,289 17,867
Asset Replacement 6,600 6,500
Town Centre Maintenance Contract 3,100 3,000
Contribution to Service 88 2,500 2,500
Devolution Community Fund 15,000 2,500
Receptionist 0 15,500
Redcotts Future Projects Fund 10,000 0
Virement of funds to offset precept -3,249
General Balance Adjustment 78 37
Precept 376,500 387,300

• The large increase in ‘Administration’ costs and reduction in ‘Recreational Facilities’ is a result of combining all staffing costs into a single budget head under the Administration heading. Previously the groundstaff were under a separate budget head.

• This year we have again had to make provision to increase our staffing levels due to the heavier workload (this is a large part of the overall increase) as a result of increases in the population and the additional obligations and demands following Local Government Reorganisation.

• Town Hall expenditure has decreased as we have had to increase our booking charges to bring us more in-line with the hire charges of local venues offering similar facilities, whilst still remaining competitive.

• As further savings in the budget were required, provision for expenditure on ‘Buildings’ has been reduced as we believe we have sufficient in the Buildings Fund at the present time.  Also, the balances in the Funds for Traffic Orders/Signs and Street Lighting have been used to offset the increase in the precept. No further money has been set aside for the Redcotts Future Projects Fund and the contribution to the Devolution Community Fund has been reduced by £12,500.

All discussions about our budgets are held in public meetings prior to budget setting, usually in January. This is when the explanations and rationale can be heard – and the public have opportunities to ask questions. The rationale behind the changes in the budget can be found on the website in the report by the Town Clerk to the meeting of the Town Council held on 15 January 2019. Please click here to be directed to the appropriate Minutes.