Recreation, Leisure and Buildings Committee

To send an enquiry regarding matters for this committee, please email the Town clerk.

This Committee’s terms of reference are below:-

Wimborne Minster Town Council’s – Scheme of Delegation.

The Recreation, Leisure and Building Committee shall meet a minimum of six times a year, consist of eight Members, have a quorum of four, and shall be delegated to make decisions on behalf of Full Council in relation to:

  • the management of Council facilities, assets, services and activities, including, but not limited to, the following:
  • Town Hall and offices
  • Jubilee Garden
  • all other open spaces and properties in the responsibility of the Town Council, including those leased by the Town Council as landlord to 3rd parties,
  • Pavilion, Redcotts
  • Roundhouse, Redcotts
  • Public toilets, Redcotts
  • Grounds staff workshops, Redcotts,
  • Play areas at Redcotts and Leigh Park
  • Skate park Redcotts,
  • Football pitches Redcotts,
  • Street furniture
  • prepare and submit for the Council’s consideration estimates of expenditure and income for each forthcoming year for matters pertaining to the responsibility of the Committee by the end of October including a review of fees for all chargeable areas under the Committee’s remit,
  • receive reports from representatives of Council’s facilities on a regular basis,
  • put in place management plans for gardens/ open spaces and review annually,
  • consider tree surveys for all Council managed land and approve a schedule of recommended management work,
  • maintenance and upkeep of all vehicles and equipment used for grounds maintenance purposes and purchase items of plant, equipment and vehicles within approved budgets,
  • advise Full Council on the provision of new and the modification of existing buildings and equipment related to the leisure, recreation, or amenity aspects of the Council’s business,
  • monitor and undertake quarterly inspections of Council’s land and buildings, recreation areas and street furniture, report back to Committee, carry out improvements within budgetary provision and recommend to Full Council any matters outside this budgetary provision;
  • ensure Council complies with the requirement of covenants etc. on each relevant area;
  • review and submit for Full Council’s consideration a Health & Safety policy and H & S compliance including disability discrimination and all compliance matters relevant to the Committee,
  • review risk assessments for all physical assets on behalf of Council, and
  • liaise with allotment holders and inspect plots regularly.

The Committee will be clerked by the Deputy Town Clerk (or the Town Clerk when the Deputy Town Clerk is on leave).