Planning and Environment Committee

To send an enquiry regarding matters for this committee, please email the Town clerk.

Wimborne Minster Town Council’s – Scheme of Delegation.

This Committee’s terms of reference are below:-


  • to comment on behalf of the Council on all planning and licensing applications and consultations relevant and in the Wimborne Minster town parish area, received from the local planning authority, and submit responses promptly (see appendix A) (Dorset Council), including those adjacent to Wimborne Minster Town Council area and any development outside the town boundaries which or would have an impact on the town; (including listed building, conservation area consents, consents for advertisement displays etc) and appeals;
  • to comment on behalf of the Council on Local Plans, Structure Plans, Mineral Plans, Waste Plans, Regional Plans and any other Plan or Studies or consultations as considered appropriate, including routine transport issues and provide input to s.106 agreements or the equivalent;
  • to comment on and make recommendations regarding all highways and parking issues within the town including waiting restrictions;
  • consider and hold meetings with residents, developers or planning officers to assist with the formulation of observations and comments for any requests for pre-application discussions with any developer at Committee meetings and make a response on behalf of Council;
  • review planning policy and procedures and make recommendations to Full Council to ensure that the Council is able to meet any additional requirements of the planning process;

to receive, and where appropriate, respond to notifications on planning appeals including responses to the Planning Inspectorate;

  • monitor and take appropriate action on planning issues in the neighbouring

areas that could impact on the Town including infrastructure implications and new road schemes concerning the Town;

  • to take the necessary action to refer enforcement or breach of planning permissions matters to the planning authority when such matters are brought to the attention of the Council and to pursue such matters until a conclusion has been reached;
  • respond to street naming requests;
  • any other matter which may be delegated to it by Council relevant to the Committee’s Terms of Reference from time to time;
  • comment on, monitor and request Tree Preservation Orders in liaison with the Tree Warden;
  • liaise with partner agencies regarding highways, footpaths and waterways issues and meet with Dorset Councillors representing Wimborne Minster ward area for what purpose – need to state;
  • consideration of a Wimborne Minster, Pamphill and Colehill Traffic, Transport and Footpath Advisory Group to act as a consultation body and make recommendations to the Committee (terms of reference – road safety issues, SIDs introduction and management, Rights or Ways, and transport issues cross boundary);
  • consult with Wimborne BID and other relevant bodies with similar interests, including other town and parish councils and consideration of their recommendations, and
  • be responsible to Council for any action in respect of conservation.



  • research, identify and make recommendations to Full Council on environmental issues and monitor progress through proactive reviews with local groups and as implemented in line with Council’s Climate Emergency Action Plan that identify and drive green sustainable initiatives within the town and encourage a climate conscious community with a cleaner, healthier future, encouraging the buying of local produce wherever possible;
  • promote, protect and enhance the quality of the natural environment which ensure our natural spaces are somewhere our community and visitors can enjoy by supporting the conservation of hedgerows, ponds and streams, a management plan for trees, hedgerow and wildflower, bulb and planting that are pollinator friendly and protect struggling butterflies and bees and other species;
  • encourage the promotion of local biodiversity in all activities particularly land owned and /or managed by the Town Council and promote ecological interests to address the decline in protected species by collecting and considering evidence bases and recommend changes that will benefit our residents, visitors, our environment and climate;
  • identify ways the Town Council can pro-actively undertake sustainable working practices with partners and local organisations that encourage minimising the amount of printing, recycling of products (wastepaper, cardboard, plastic and glass) across council owned/managed operational sites and community and encourage the transportation of goods by sourcing material and services locally (subject to value for money and quality) to minimise further environmental damage, and
  • work together with partners such as the Dorset Local Nature Partnership (DLNP), Dorset Council, Dorset Wildlife Trust, Natural England, Wimborne BID and local organisations to better understand how we can protect and enhance our natural environment.

Due to timescales, planning applications may be referred to Full Town Council meetings for comments and at the relevant agenda item(s) will be chaired by the Chairman of the Planning and Environment Committee. Committee meetings may be held online but only in the event of no formal resolutions being made. Delegated powers are to be given to the Town Clerk to comment on planning applications after consultation with the Chairman of the Committee for planning applications that fall outside a scheduled meeting date, in consultation with the Committee members by email.