S Wheeler

Cllr Simon Wheeler

The greater Wimborne area has been home for me for over 40 years. I run Wimborne‚Äôs Town Band, ‘The Quarterjacks’, something that my Great Grandfather did along with his Brothers many many years ago. My love of Wimborne comes from spending many hours marching through the streets (with fantastic acoustics) during various parades, as well as supporting fundraising for various charities playing on the Town Square.

In the world of work, I started in Barclays as a junior loans clerk and worked my way up to Director of Service Delivery over the past 36 years. I am married with two children and we can often be seen frequenting the many shops, restaurants and pubs in Wimborne.


The environment is something I am passionate about; I see supporting our local businesses as being one way we can all make a difference by reducing supply chains and ensuring a reduction in single use plastics. As a council representative for the RAFAC-SW-DW-1069 squadron and a member of the Wimborne Minster Folk Festival Committee, I am always happy to speak about the great assets of the town.

The outcomes I work towards are to support the vibrancy and growth of the Town while protecting and maintaining its history and culture, something that you can talk to me about any time.

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10 Cogdean Way
BH21 3XD



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  • Wimborne Minster Folk Festival
  • East Dorset Environment Partnership
  • Town Liaison Group
  • 1069 Squadron Air Training Corps
  • Wimborne Militia Management Committee