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Cllr Francesca Shirley

First elected in May 2019

Infrastructure and its vital role in our daily lives and its heartfelt effect on our quality of life have fascinated me since I was a young teenager.

My physics and solar energy studies and professional career interests focus on leveraging synergies between existing solar and sustainable tech innovations to optimise our indoor environments. Hence, they work for us efficiently, reliably, and most importantly, without damaging our health and surrounding ecosystems.

I strive every moment to live my sustainable best life. I am continually inspired and grateful for the Wimborne Minster community groups and the people’s power behind the action.

I have lived in Wimborne Minster since 2018. I love this town and the community. The residents are phenomenal drivers making Wimborne a more beautiful and prosperous place for everyone, including the wild animals and plants. I am honoured to be Wimborne Minster Town Council Representative for Wimborne War on Waste, Planet Wimborne, and Wimborne and Colehill Fairtrade Steering Group.

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31 St Catherines
Wimborne Minster
BH21 1BX



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  • Fairtrade Steering Group
  • Wimborne War on Waste
  • Planet Wimborne