Ochsenfurt Visitors in Town

This weekend saw the return of our German visitors representing the Ochsenfurt Twinning association.  Association members from Wimborne Minster hosted up to 28 visitors who came by coach and air to spend a few days enjoying the delights of our town.  Saturday evening they had the pleasure of a buffet meal and some wine tasting at the Model Town where the Town Mayor Cllr Mrs Kelly Webb, joined them to sample some fine German white wine brought over especially by the Vineyard owner.

Cllr Webb said ‘It was so lovely to see the visitors who ranged in age from 9 up to over 70!  They even had a Sugar Fairy, which I’m told is a town representative.  I had a stab at doing some words in German which seemed to go down well – at least, they did laugh in the right places.  I do hope to make a return visit to Ochsenfurt next year’!

The photo shows from left, Burkard Baehr Chairman of the German association, Selina Sonmez the Sugar Fairy, the Mayor, Pauline Baldwin the Chairman of the Wimborne Minster association, Cllrs Britta Huber from Ochsenfurt and Malcolm Angel (previous town councillor and key to the setting up of the twinning association in the 80s), who acted as the Mayor’s Escort for the evening.

Gifts were exchanged on the evening along with best wishes for their journey home.