Notice of Extraordinary Meeting of the Council

From time to time the Town Council holds Extraordinary meetings to deal with business that is not able to be managed in the annually scheduled meetings either due to late business arising or the time required to deal with those matters.

Due to a recently resolved legal matter involving Minster Stone Memorials and the Wimborne Cemetery Joint Management Committee, the Council has decided to hold an Extraordinary meeting of the Council to enable Councillors and the public to make statements and ask questions.

Whilst other Councils were also involved in the legal matter, Wimborne Minster Town Council is unable to conduct any meeting or proceedings that include or require those Councils to participate.  Indeed the Council is not a court of law and the purpose of the meeting in considering views of the various participants, will not come to any particular conclusions on the day.

The meeting will take place in the Council Chamber on Wednesday 28 March 2018 and will start at 9am.  Breaks will be scheduled throughout the day and it will finish no later than 5pm.  Attendees are politely requested to join and leave the meeting during start/end and break times if at all possible in order to minimise disruption to the meeting – schedules will be available shortly from the Town Council.

Anyone wishing to speak or make statements at the meeting are requested to submit them in writing by noon on Friday 23 March 2018, otherwise it cannot be guaranteed that there will be sufficient time to take additional unplanned statements or questions.  Statements, questions and all other queries must be addressed to the Town Council on or delivered to the Town Hall, 37, West Borough, BH21 1LT.   Please note, any statements and questions submitted will be made public.