HR Committee

To send an enquiry regarding matters for this committee, please email the Town clerk.

This Committee’s terms of reference are below:-

Wimborne Minster Town Council’s – Scheme of Delegation

The HR Committee shall meet a minimum of two times a year, consist of five Members, have a quorum of four members, and be delegated to make decisions on behalf of Full Council in relation to:

  • handle staff grievances and disciplinary action in line with the Council’s policies,
  • review, monitor and submit HR policies and procedures in consultation with Council’s HR contractor, NALC, SLCC, ACAS and staff,
  • ensure that all Officers are conversant with the Employees Handbook governing their modus operandi at work,
  • ensure appraisals are conducted for all Officers and conduct the Town Clerk’s annual appraisal,
  • handle staff grievances in accordance with Council’s Grievance Policy,
  • handle staff disciplinary matters in accordance with Council’s Disciplinary Policy,
  • authorise the advertisement of vacant posts within an agreed staff establishment for posts on or above SCP 23, other than for the post of Town Clerk which must be the responsibility of the Council,
  • approve the payment of reasonable expenses in relation to the appointment of staff,
  • agree contracts, job descriptions and suitable salaries for all staff – at the Committee’s discretion this matter may be delegated to the Mayor and/or the Chair and/or Vice-Chair of the Committee and the Town Clerk for progression who will report back to the Committee,
  • develop and monitor an annual training programme for staff and members,
  • consider and implement any changes which are required to comply with legislation and Terms and Conditions of Service as laid down by the National Joint Council (Green Book) and recommended by the National Association of Local Councils and Society of Local Council Clerks
  • maintain the staffing levels necessary to efficiently discharge the work required by Council, review staffing requirements when required and make recommendations to Full Council,
  • authorise the attendance of Members or Officers at conferences or courses including the incurring of necessary expenditure,
  • maintain confidentiality over all staffing matters as required under the 2018 General Data Protection Regulations and the 2018 Data Protection Act as well as the Code of Conduct, and
  • monitor overall welfare of staff (delegating the day-to-day line management to the Town Clerk) via reports from the Town Clerk (e.g., sickness, leave, flexible leave requirements, OH issues, TOIL and overtime), or Town Mayor in relation to the Town Clerk.

Wimborne Minster Town Council recognises the Transfer of Undertakings Protection of

Employment regulations 2006 known as TUPE and is committed to working with accredited trade unions to promote a good working relationship with its staff.

A HR Sub-committee may be convened to keep confidential its deliberations and decisions in cases of Grievance, Disciplinary and Capability hearings, because if an Appeal against a decision is received it must, legally and in the interests of fairness, be heard again by elected members with no prior knowledge of the case. In order to ensure as far as possible that such matters as Appraisal, Grievance, Disciplinary and Capability issues are dealt with professionally and in accordance with Employment legislation, all members of the Personnel Sub-committee must agree to undertake training in these matters. This Committee may decide that it wishes to refer such matters to the Council for final decision, subject to the matters reserved for final decision for legal reasons.

The Committee will be clerked by the Town Clerk or the Deputy Town Clerk if the Town Clerk has a conflict of interest for a particular item.

2023 Minutes and Agendas

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