Wimborne Minster Town Council’s – Scheme of Delegation.

This Committee’s terms of reference are below:-

The following matters are reserved to Full Council for decision (RESOLVED), notwithstanding that the appropriate Committee(s) may make recommendations to Full Council for consideration (RECOMMENDED), if at least one third of the whole number of members of Council are present (1/3 of membership / 5 members), Councillors have signed a Declaration of Acceptance of Office, and agreed to abide by Council’s adopted Code of Conduct, in relation to:

  • review Council’s Strategic Plan with relevant Committee’s and recommend forward programmes, projects and other steps necessary to achieve the Council’s objectives in whole or in part during specific time spans,
  • consider the annual estimates of expenditure and income (budget) of Council and set an annual precept to be issued upon Dorset Council as recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee,
  • approve of the Annual Return as recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee,
  • approve arrangements to secure the proper administration of the financial affairs of the Council under Section 151 of the Local Government Act 1972 or such other relevant legislation as recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee,
  • approve any payments already made for expenditure which have been previously authorised within Standing Orders or within Financial Regulations when the Finance and Governance Committee is not able to meet,
  • consider expenditure requests from all committees where costs / estimated costs) exceed agreed annual budget by more than 10 per cent / over £7,500 (whichever is the minimum),
  • consider expenditure within generally agreed budgets but on items insufficiently clarified,
  • consider recommendations from the Finance and Governance Committee in relation to grants applications over £5,000, and any Service Level Agreements,
  • consider the Town Mayor and councillor allowances annually,
  • borrowing money for statutory functions and/or any other activity as deemed necessary and appropriate,
  • approve the transfer of expenditure within overall approved estimates when the Finance and Governance Committee is not able to meet,
  • authorise the disposal of surplus items of plant, furniture, equipment and land or interests in land acquisition / disposal as recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee or when this Committee not able to meet,
  • act upon or commission any services as deemed appropriate and in accordance with the annual budget and terms of reference of the Council or of Committees, including applying for any external grant funding,
  • making, amending or revoking any governance documents including Standing Orders, Financial Regulations, Code of Conduct or this Scheme of Delegation as recommended by the Finance and Governance Committee,
  • ensure compliance with the provisions of all necessary legislative requirements,
  • authorise support for an objection to any relevant Bill during its passage through Parliament if an appropriate Committee is not able to meet,
  • review crime and disorder responsibilities in terms of community safety and CCTV provision / liaison with partners including Dorset Police and Wimborne BID,
  • nominate persons to represent the Council on other organisations,
  • co-opt new Councillors onto the Council following any uncontested vacancies and to make arrangements as may be necessary for the appointment of a Casual Vacancy for the position of Town Councillor,
  • elect the Town Mayor and Deputy Town Mayor at the beginning of the civic year,
  • advise the Town Mayor on any matter relating to the execution of the functions of that office,
  • approve the purchase of and repairs and maintenance to any civic insignia and to authorise and/or incur expense for items relating to civic events or civic matters,
  • approve the purchase of civic gifts,
  • appoint Committees and the members of the Committees,
  • agree annually a meetings calendar of the Council and its Committees for the municipal year;
  • receipt and note minutes and reports to the Council from Committees, Sub-Committees, Working Groups/Parties and Task and Finish Groups;
  • to authorise the sealing of various documents with the Common Seal;
  • the appointment and dismissal of the Town Clerk/RFO role, advertise for the appointment of the Town Clerk/RFO and make arrangements for interviews by an appointed panel as recommended by the HR Committee;
  • agree and maintain staffing levels following recommendations from the HR Committee;
  • review Council’s Christmas Lights provision every three years,
  • any other matters not delegated to a Committee, Sub-Committee or Officer.

Full Council is clerked by the Town Clerk (or the Deputy Town Clerk when the Town Clerk is on leave).