Dorset Chain Gang Descends on Wimborne

Affectionately known as the Chain Gang because of their chains of office, civic leaders throughout Dorset were invited by the Mayor, Cllr Shane Bartlett, to visit Wimborne and see for themselves just how great Wimborne is.

on 13 July 2019 Wimborne played host to over 50 guests who represented Town and Parish councils from Weymouth to Colehill. In addition there were guests from the newly formed Dorset Council and the High Sheriff of Dorset Mr Philip Warr.

After a welcome at Allendale House the guests were bused to the new Allotment Site/SANG where Matt Reeks from Dorset Council explained how the new development was financed by the developers of the Chase development on the Cranborne Road.

Back to the buses and on to Dreamboats to see how the area has been transformed into a play area and a home for Dreamboats where visitors can rent a boat and enjoy a relaxing time on the river.

The chain gang  were then delivered to The StreetLight Centre, a Christian Charity organisation that set up an indoor skate park, cafe and soft play area open to everyone. After an explanation from Keith, the manager, they moved over to Eight Arch Micro-Brewery for a welcome sip with some samples! and talk from Steve Farrell, the proprietor.

Grateful for the buses, the party moved on to have lunch at the Allendale Centre before splitting into two groups to visit The Minster and listen to a talk about the history of Wimborne. Christine Oliver gave an interesting and informative talk about the Minster and its history. She also gave some insight into how the church is trying to bring The Minster up to date and solving the day-to-day problems and how running a Grade 1 Listed building is a constant headache.

Malcolm Angel is famous for his knowledge of Wimborne and runs regular tours throughout the town. He gave a brief presentation about The Square and its history.

The final venue for the visit was Wimborne Model Town, which has become a major tourist attraction, and where the day ended with a cream tea. Suitably refreshed all the guests went off to their Towns and Parishes to promote Wimborne as a great place for their residents to visit. But we know that don’t we?