Wimborne Minster Town Council

Councillor Mrs Kelly Webb

Deputy Town Mayor and Vice Chairman of the Council

First elected in 2015

I am married, have two children at school and have lived and worked in and around Wimborne Minster for many years, including 8 years at East Dorset District Council which of course ceased to be in April 2019.

I have a background in Project and Programme Management which means I love a challenge, especially looking for efficiencies, so hope to add value and make a difference at the Town Council.

I was also a Financial Adviser right here in the High Street and went on to be a Bank branch manager for a while.

My most enjoyable position was as the Manager of Wimborne BID (Business Improvement District). As I worked closely with the business community, charities and other local organisations – including the Town Council, I became aware of how rewarding it is to get involved in your local community.

I helped to set up our very own Radio station – Radio Wimborne, where I now present live shows each week. This is a great opportunity to get the word out there about our fabulous town. See ‘The Town’ tab for more information.

During my Mayoral year 2018/19 I recorded a BLOG about what it’s like being Town Mayor and Chairman of the Council, you can access that  here.  And at the end of my Mayoral year, I had a special film commissioned by the wonderful volunteers of Wimborne Movie Makers, so feature some of our fantastic charities and local voluntary led organisations in town.  You can view that here.  Being Mayor of this town was such a great honour and I will continue to work hard for the Council in my role as Deputy Mayor and Vice Chairman of the Council during 2019/20.

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