Wimborne Minster Town Council

Cllr Francesca Shirley

May 2019

Infrastructure and the vital role it plays in all our day to day lives, and the heartfelt effect it has on our quality of life has fascinated me since I was a young teenager.

Optimising our indoor environments to work for us: efficiently, reliably and most importantly, I believe, with no detrimental impact on our external ecosystems, has the ability to support residence in a community in the present while simultaneously safeguarding their future.

Unlike the other Councillors, I have only lived in Wimborne Minster a short while. I am originally from South Africa. I was born in Cape Town, where my Father is from, and moved to the UK, where my Mother is from when I was three. I grew up in the Cotswolds, where my profound love of nature and the beauty of wild spaces captivated me.

Starting college I made it my mission in life to contribute to finding ways in which people and nature can prosper. And where my first interest in joining my local council began, being too young, however, I focused on my education. I studied physics at King’s College London and went on to Imperial College London to specialise in Optics and Photonics where I conducted research to enhance the efficiency of solar panel technology.

I now work from home in Wimborne working to bring a Solar Greenhouse technology to market that optimises land for solar electricity generation, food production and rainwater harvesting.

Wimborne and the surrounding areas are stunning. I feel so very lucky to live here and I am honoured to hold a position on the Town Council. I hope very much to get to know the community and assist you in making your homes and businesses more energy efficient for cheaper energy bills and the comforts that follow.

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31 St Catherines
Wimborne Minster
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