Cllr Derek Burt

Cllr Martin Tidd

I have been involved in Wimborne Minster since the mid 1970s when my newspaper, The Bugle, covered the Bournemouth Poole conurbation including Wimborne, Ferndown and Ringwood. Some older residents may remember the fireworks in Redcotts and Guy competition in the Square ably judged by Pat Sloman.

From 1986 until December 1999 my wife, Joan, and I published the Wimborne Magazine (part of Community Magazines) that covered all local issues and actively supported the successful move of the Model Town and the reopening of the Tivoli theatre.

I was also President and Chairman of Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade and Commerce during that time. When we sold our publications we converted our offices back into a house where we live happily in the centre of our wonderful town.

However, to ensure that our town lives up to its “wonderful” reputation we need to ensure that the Town Council speaks up for Wimborne in the new Dorset Council. Whilst the Town Council cannot decide on many of the things that affect our lives it can lobby and make proposals that can improve our town.

It is important that the new Wimborne Minster Town Council will look to the future with some urgency and address these issues. Now, as a Councillor, I will be asking for a “Town Plan” to be undertaken that will address the problems of traffic congestion, pollution, car parking, pavements and anti-social behaviour. I also believe that the Town Council should be more accessible and Councillors held to account.

Cllr Mike Roe

I am originally from London where I had a long telecommunications career in R&D and project management. In my leisure time I spent ten years as Chairman and a team manager of a local youth football club. I have taught part-time in a Young Offenders’ Institute supporting young people in changing their behaviour patterns. I have also spent ten years as a Samaritan where I piloted a one-to-one listening service and a “Buddies” training scheme within local schools.

After experiencing Wimborne Minster, its vibrancy, its sense of community and its surrounding natural beauty many years ago I finally moved down from Staffordshire in 2011 to live here. I am a member of Wimborne Camera Club and Wimborne War on Waste. Community is what makes Wimborne so special, and I feel passionately that this inclusive ideal is to be nurtured. This is why I stood for Town Councillor – I want to make a difference.

Cllr Francesca Shirley

Infrastructure and the vital role it plays in all our day to day lives, and the heartfelt effect it has on our quality of life has fascinated me since I was a young teenager.

Optimising our indoor environments to work for us: efficiently, reliably and most importantly, I believe, with no detrimental impact on our external ecosystems, has the ability to support residence in a community in the present while simultaneously safeguarding their future.

Unlike the other Councillors, I have only lived in Wimborne Minster a short while. I am originally from South Africa. I was born in Cape Town, where my Father is from, and moved to the UK, where my Mother is from when I was three. I grew up in the Cotswolds, where my profound love of nature and the beauty of wild spaces captivated me.

Starting college I made it my mission in life to contribute to finding ways in which people and nature can prosper. And where my first interest in joining my local council began, being too young, however, I focused on my education. I studied physics at King’s College London and went on to Imperial College London to specialise in Optics and Photonics where I conducted research to enhance the efficiency of solar panel technology.

I now work from home in Wimborne working to bring a Solar Greenhouse technology to market that optimises land for solar electricity generation, food production and rainwater harvesting.

Wimborne and the surrounding areas are stunning. I feel so very lucky to live here and I am honoured to hold a position on the Town Council. I hope very much to get to know the community and assist you in making your homes and businesses more energy efficient for cheaper energy bills and the comforts that follow.

Cllr Louise Hinks


I am a new member of the Council (2019) and was motivated to stand by my desire to make sure Wimborne Minster continues to be a great place to live, work and bring up a family.

Our town is about to enter a significant period of change; including the creation of a new, unitary authority and substantial housing development.  I believe that the views of residents should be at the forefront of all council decision-making.

As a resident of the town for the past 30 years I am keen to champion and protect Wimborne’s many excellent facilities, societies and organisations. Open spaces such as Redcotts Recreation Ground, Willow Walk and Leigh Park make the town a great place for children and young people. Having brought up my family in the town I am committed to protecting these for future generations.

I have extensive organisational and planning experience from my regular job as the customer account manager of a local engineering firm. I hope to use these skills to support the Council’s work with the various organisations supported by the Council.

If you have any thoughts, concerns or ideas for the Town then do email me.

Councillor Bill Richmond

Originally from Derbyshire and after living in Barnet, North London for many years we moved to Wimborne in 2005, drawn to the town for its attractive nature and friendly residents.  The area’s beautiful countryside, fascinating geology and picturesque coastline did not go unnoticed and was significant in the decision to choose Wimborne.

Professionally, I spent many years as an advertising photographer and as a partner in a large photographic studio in central London.  During that time I supported two or three universities as a visiting lecturer and as external assessor on their photography/design courses.  I am a fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers and I continue my interest in photography – although now at a non-professional level.

In more recent years I qualified as a secondary school teacher and taught Engineering, Science and Product Design in a number of London schools before coming to Dorset to teach in Bournemouth.  I now work part-time as a supply teacher.

Leisure interests include the maritime history of Poole and the links the Dorset area has with both royal and Civil War history.  For several years I competed in county level athletics over 400 and 800 metres in the London area.  My spare time is now spent sea kayaking along the Dorset coast and within Poole harbour and I occasionally have undertaken trips to the rivers of Dartmoor.  I also coach new members with Poole Harbour Canoe club, both at their Poole base in Hamworthy and at the Wimborne Riverside club facility alongside Dreamboats landing stage.

I was drawn into council and community issues simply as an interested resident following a series of issues that arose in the area and was helped by our previous MP for North Dorset in taking our concerns to Westminster.  These experiences encouraged me to stand in the local elections and I was elected to the Town Council in May 2017 as an ‘Independent’ and now serve on the Resources Committee and on the Planning and Environment Committee.


Councillor Mrs Carole Chedgy

It has been my privilege to live in Wimborne for over 24 years, and I have had associations with the town for far longer. It was always my hope to live here one day. I am a retired non-practising solicitor. Previously I was a partner in a law firm in Christchurch, where I worked as a litigation solicitor specialising in family law. This gave me valuable insight to, and experience in, running a business, and dealing with clients` financial affairs and their businesses. I now work in a limited part time capacity, so have time for other activities associated with the town and its residents.

Over the years I have served on various committees in the legal world, and was a volunteer solicitor for Citizens Advice Bureau. These experiences, together with my involvement in legal work over the years, mean I can understand the difficulties of those from all walks of life. I was also Secretary and Membership Secretary for Wimborne Rugby Club. Currently I am a Vice president and still contribute when I can. I have been a friend of The Tivoli since March 1999.

My involvement with the Council as a resident started in mid 2016. As a result I attended many meetings, hoped I could contribute, and decided to stand as a candidate in the bi-election of May 2017. I was elected and now serve on the Resources and the Planning and Environment Committees.

I love living in Wimborne and care deeply about our town and its future. Most days I am out and about in the town, often walking my dog. I enjoy the variety of events which take place in the town and participate as much as possible. Walking and gardening are my favourite past times.

I am not party political. I believe that the Town Councillors should serve the interests of the town, its residents, and future generations.

Councillor Mrs Kelly Webb

I am married, have two children at school and have lived and worked in and around Wimborne Minster for many years, including 8 years at East Dorset District Council which of course ceased to be in April 2019.

I have a background in Project and Programme Management which means I love a challenge, especially looking for efficiencies, so hope to add value and make a difference at the Town Council.

I was also a Financial Adviser right here in the High Street and went on to be a Bank branch manager for a while.

My most enjoyable position was as the Manager of Wimborne BID (Business Improvement District). As I worked closely with the business community, charities and other local organisations – including the Town Council, I became aware of how rewarding it is to get involved in your local community.

I helped to set up our very own Radio station – Radio Wimborne, where I now present live shows each week. This is a great opportunity to get the word out there about our fabulous town. See ‘The Town’ tab for more information.

During my Mayoral year 2018/19 I recorded a BLOG about what it’s like being Town Mayor and Chairman of the Council, you can access that  here.  And at the end of my Mayoral year, I had a special film commissioned by the wonderful volunteers of Wimborne Movie Makers, so feature some of our fantastic charities and local voluntary led organisations in town.  You can view that here.  Being Mayor of this town was such a great honour and I will continue to work hard for the Council in my role as Deputy Mayor and Vice Chairman of the Council during 2019/20.

Councillor Mrs Diann March

I moved to Witchampton, Dorset, in 1976 with my husband John who opened his Gun Shop in Wimborne Minster the following year and in 1980 we moved to live in the town centre. We have two grown up daughters, Sally and Gemma.

I was first elected as a Wimborne Minster Town Councillor in 1991 and have had the honour of being Town Mayor three times and Deputy Mayor twice.

I am presently Chairman of the Friends of East Dorset CAB, President of Wimborne Musical Theatre and a Committee Member of Wimborne Minster Chamber of Trade & Commerce having just completed my two year term as President. I also support various other local organisations, including Friends of SSAFA and the Royal British Legion.

This year I am raising funds to purchase further trees that will add height as well as softening the blandness of Wimborne Minster’s Square. Any extra monies could be used to acquire different seating and planters that are more in keeping with our town’s heritage.
Should there be any issue I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Councillor Ms Carol Butter

I have lived in the Wimborne Minster area for the past 30 years and just love the mix of countryside and town that the area offers. Wimborne and the surrounding area is a lovely place to live and I am keen that we retain that feel for all residents, particularly in light of the number of housing developments we are experiencing at the moment. I was not a supporter of these developments with concerns for the impact on our roads, infrastructure and amenities. Sadly we are where we are and have now to make the best of the situation forced upon us.

I was first elected in 2015 having decided to stand for Town Council when my area of Colehill West was moved into Wimborne Town following the boundary changes.  I felt it important that the residents had someone who lives locally and understands the area to represent them.

My working life was in Banking and Finance where I had a varied career including Finance, Audit and I was responsible for the implementation of a number of Financial Projects.  I left Banking for a better work life balance and now run my own small Accountancy practice. Having downsized my work commitments, I wanted to put something back into the community. I am a strong believer that residents should receive value for their hard-earned money and I will strive to ensure that we achieve this as a Town Council.

Having lost my Mum in the early part of 2014, I have an interest in the elderly, their support and care and in particular the dreadful condition of dementia. I am hoping that I can make a difference to the lives of many in the community.

In my spare time I love walking and generally enjoying the countryside.  I am a keen volunteer with British Eventing and was privileged to be an official at the Equestrian event at the London 2012 Olympics.

I would be pleased to hear from any residents regarding issues that concern you.