Wimborne Minster Town Council

Climate Change

Wimborne Minster Town Council declared a Climate Emergency at the Full Council meeting in July 2019.  The Council undertook to set up a Task and Finish group to look at what pro active activity could be pursued and to set a policy for new purchases and policies, including replacement and refurbishment principles.

Cllr Kelly Webb is the Chairman of the Task and Finish Group and is also the overall Programme Manager (plus Project Manager for ‘Partner Relations’).  The group also includes the following Councillors;

  • Francesca Shirley (Lead for energy and bio diversity) and is Project Manger of ‘Buildings’ (supported by Cllr Roe)
  • Shane Bartlett – Project Manager for ‘Bio diversity and Land’ (supported by Cllr Roberts)
  • Carole Chedgy – Project Manager for ‘Waste and Recycling’ (supported by Cllr Webb)
  • Mike Hopkins – Project manager for ‘Plant and Machinery’
  • Mike Roe
  • Ann Roberts

Each Project Manager will be responsible for creating and managing their own project plan, actions, involving external parties and reporting progress to the Programme Manager at monthly Task and Finish Group meetings.  The Programme Manager will report progress to Full Council at each Full Council meeting and a written report will be available with the minutes of the meeting.

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