This archive post is from May 2018, part of series of blog posts marking the Wimborne Mayor's year 2018/2019. For the rest of this archive click here.

Civic Service 2018

The Mayor’s Civic Service takes place about this time each year.  And Cllr Terry Wheelers service was this Sunday.  Various dignitaries from across Dorset – affectionately known as ‘the Chain Gang’ (for obvious reasons), attended.  The Minster is very special – I reckon the closest we have to a Cathedral in Dorset?  I’m sure others will contest this!

Terry made a short speech about his Mayoral year and paid tribute to all the interesting places he’s visited during the year.  I’ve got all this to look forward to – although I hope it’s not compulsory to speak in Church!  It was extremely well attended by the local community, so it was packed – I think I would crack under the pressure!

Afterwards the Militia fired canons on the Green (I had left by then, got a thing about loud noises).

On the Minster Green before the service