Wimborne Minster Pancake Race – The Results Are Announced

It was thanks to the Wimborne BID that a Virtual Pancake Race took place in Wimborne this year. Those wishing to take part were invited to test their tossing skills by filming themselves tossing a pancake for 30 seconds and posting the details to Facebook during last week which of course included Shrove Tuesday when in a normal year the Minster Pancake Race would have taken place. There was to be a Prize Draw to determine the results.

The Draw took place on Monday afternoon  as part of the Wimborne Minster afternoon service. The  Rector of Wimborne Minster, the Revd Canon Andrew Rowland, and Town Crier, Chris Brown picked out the winners of the competition. Congratulations to Tom Roberts, who won the under 18’s draw, the prize for which was a £20 voucher from Wimborne Minster Town Council to be spent in a local shop. Marie Rowland-Kidman, won the over 18’s draw and a Crepe Pan from Salamander Cook Shop, a Coffee subscription from Wimborne Coffee Roasters and some free travel on Yellow Buses. Ellis Jones Solicitors won the business draw with a prize of a Hamper of local goodies.

Anthony Oliver, who with a small committee normally organises the Wimborne Minster Pancake Race  around the Minster wished to place on record special thanks to the Wimborne BID for kindly rising to the challenge to organise the race this year albeit virtually. He also expressed thanks to those who sponsored the prizes and above all to everyone who took part in the 30 second tossing competition. There were a total of over twenty entries across the three categories. He also thanked the Rector and Town Crier for undertaking the draw.

Hopefully normal service will be resumed next year and the date of Tuesday 1st March 2022 is already in the diaries.


Photo attached taken by Tammy Sleet of Wimborne BID shows Chris Brown and the Rector undertaking the Draw.

Dorset Council – Climate and Ecological Emergency Strategy

Our Climate and Ecological Emergency strategy was published in September last year and was recently taken to public consultation. Under the ‘Making it Happen’ chapter of the document, there is a section called ‘Funding the response’ that I strongly encourage everyone to read if they haven’t done so already. The draft strategy remains available on the website.

Dorset Council will need to invest many millions of pounds over the next 20 years to become a Carbon Neutral Council. However, we are off to a fantastic start: –

  • We’re installing 44 Electric Vehicle Charge points across the county, at no additional cost to the council.
  • We have changed to green energy in all our council owned properties where possible. This has increased our overall cost but was considered the right thing to do.
  • We’re currently consulting in Weymouth as part of Active Travel Highway Improvements on how to encourage safe walking and cycling along the harbour whilst maintaining vehicle access.

This comes from government funding of over £438,000

  • Our Low Carbon Dorset Programme – which helps businesses, community, and public sector organisations by stimulating growth in our low carbon economy and reducing the county’s footprint – was recently extended with an additional funding from the MHCLG of £5 million
  • As I announced in last month’s Cabinet meeting, we have already been successful in securing an offer of government funding to upgrade our properties to reduce our overall carbon footprint. The grant award is £18.79 million. This is out of a total of £51 million distributed under this scheme. This has come about by the close working of officers from different areas of the council. Well done team. When the work is complete we will see a reduction in energy costs. I would like to thank Cllr Shane Bartlett (Scrutiny Chairman) for the help I received when we faced an almost impossible task of achieving deadlines set down in the terms of this bid. This is a great example of cross party working for the benefit of the people of Dorset Councils area.
  • Last month, working alongside BCP Council, we began construction of the first sustainable travel route funded through the Transforming Travel – Transforming Cities Fund programme, which was made possible from government funding of £79 million
  • Our Weymouth Harbour & Esplanade Flood and Coastal Risk Management Strategy, which details how we will ensure that the town is protected from potential coastal flooding and erosion caused by climate change, requires massive investment from multiple sources in excess of £115million.

These are just some figures that indicate the true scale of our ambition when tackling climate change. When considering the tens of millions we have already been awarded that is helping to deliver our climate change actions it is completely unnecessary in my opinion to take £100,000 of tax-payer’s money away from another service’s budget as an apparently token gesture just to demonstrate a commitment we can clearly prove remains a key priority for Dorset Council.

Since May 2019 when we chose to declare a Climate and Ecological Emergency we have funded officer time from our existing Environment budget plus employing extra personnel and have found the money to create what I believe to be a solid Strategy and Action plan.

Once we have amended the Action plan in line with comments from the consultation we have carried out, we will have a picture as to what is needed over the next 20 years.

At a previous Full Council meeting it was suggested that we appoint an extra cabinet position to handle Climate Change, this was not possible because we were already the maximum of 10 portfolio holders allowed by legislation, but we did do the next best thing and appoint two lead members to work with me. They have taken some of my existing workload enabling me to commit even more time and energy to making sure we do what is right for the residents of Dorset on our Climate and Ecological Emergency.

Cllr Ezzard mentions in her amendment tree planting, we have a new tree policy that comes before Cllr Daryl Turners, Policy & Overview committee before going to Cabinet. I can confirm that tree planting is already taking place prior to the tree policy. I was interested in Cllr Ezzard s request for us to plant Fruit & Nut trees, I am looking into this in the hope that the Fruit and Nut comes covered in Chocolate

We have a super greenspace team who are more than capable of dealing with tree planting of the right type of tree in the right place. I have said we have the expertise we need, and we should not seek to duplicate jobs.

As I’ve said throughout, I’m not interested in playing politics with or merely paying lip service to such an important concern as climate and ecological change.

The cross-party Climate Change EAP will be looking at the initial results of the consultation next week (26th Feb) with the final version of the Climate and Ecological Emergency strategy coming to Cabinet for approval in early April.

We’ve got a robust strategy and we will continue to explore all options to secure funding to make our action plan happen. Given the opportunities for this type of funding, I do not support any change to the budget proposals for 2021/2022


Walking 1001 on Pancake Day

On the day when we should have been holding the 24th Annual Pancake Race around Wimborne Minster since its revival in 1998 Anthony Oliver who normally organises the race with a small committee joined Chris Slocock on his 1001th  lap of the Minster. The walk started from the traditional Pancake Race starting position outside the main entrance to the Minster as the Minster clock struck 11o’clock.

Chris who completed his 1000th lap around the Minster on Christmas morning aims to complete a total of 1316 laps by Easter to mark the 1316th anniversary of the original foundation of the Minster by St. Cuthburga in AD705. He is raising money for the Minster Makes Music appeal and you can still support Chris and the Appeal by accessing:


Meanwhile the Wimborne BID have risen to the challenge by organising a Virtual Pancake Race on behalf of the Minster and you can still  take part in this until the end of the week. All you have to do is see how many times you can toss a pancake in 30 seconds. There are three categories for the prize draw: Under 16s, over 16s and businesses. Prizes will be donated by local businesses, Wimborne Minster Town Council and Wimborne BID and the results announced next week. To enter simply record yourself or someone in your household or bubble tossing a pancake for 30 seconds. Post the video to Facebook, making sure that the post is marked public so that it can be viewed and to enter the prize draw you must tag in @wimborneBID and use the hashtag  #MinsterPancakes

Choristers from the Minster at Wimborne in Dorset flip pancakes next to a miniature version of their place of worship where the traditional Shrove tuesday pancake races that see participants normally tear around the 200 yard pathway that encircles the church, cancelled, along with congregational services.
Instead, the Dorset community are being encouraged to participate in an online, virtual race in which each person films their expertise at flipping pancakes and uploads the thirty second film in the hope that their efforts have earned them a prize.©Russell Sach – 0771 882 6138

Photograph – Chris Slocock undertaking his 1001th lap accompanied by Anthony Oliver and second photograph of Rowan and Esther Davey, Minster Choristers practising for the big day in front of the ModelTowns Minster.

Office for National Statistics – Census 2021

Your questions answered

What is the Census?

The census is a survey that happens every 10 years and gives us a picture of all the people and households in England and Wales. All kinds of organisations, from local authorities to charities, use the information to help provide the services we all need, including transport, education and healthcare. Without the census, it would be much more difficult to do this.

When should I fill in my census questionnaire?

 Census Day is Sunday 21 March – but you can fill yours in as soon as you get your access code in the post. Your answers should be about the people who usually live in your household on this date – even if you’re filling it in before then. If you need help, visit www.census.gov.uk 

Do I have to take part?

 If you live in England and Wales, you must take part in the census – it’s a legal requirement. Census information helps inform how billions of pounds of public funding is spent. By taking around 10 minutes per person to fill in the census questionnaire, you will help make sure your community gets the services needed now and in the future.

Will the government use the information I provide to identify me?

 No. The Office for National Statistics (ONS), which is an independent public body, carries out the census in England and Wales. It only ever publishes anonymous information from the census. In fact, it’s a crime to share personal census information and everything you say is protected.

How will the census make a difference to me?

 The census makes a difference to everyone. It’s a once-in-a-decade chance to have your voice heard and help inform the future of your local area.

What if I do not identify with the census options?

 The census asks you about your ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation, religion and national identity. It’s up to you to decide how you would like to answer each question. Some questions allow for a free text response rather than having to use predefined categories. Do it in the way that you feel best represents you.

Could information I share affect my benefits or immigration status?

 No. The information you share in the census cannot be used to influence benefit claims, a residency application, immigration status or your taxes. Officials dealing with payments or services you receive cannot see your census information.

What if I cannot fill in my census questionnaire online?

 The ONS can help with a wide range of support services to make it as easy as possible for you, whatever your needs. Services include:

  • guidance and support in many languages and formats
  • help over the phone, in a web chat or on social media
  • a paper version of the questionnaire, if you prefer
  • accessible census guidance, for example in braille

In addition, there will be four library based Census Support Centres in Ferndown, Gillingham, Weymouth and Dorchester to provide help with online completion. The contact details for this will be available very shortly.

Where can I get this information?

Everyone will receive a postcard followed by a letter with their digital access code which will contain both the website address and phone number for census support.

What other local support is available?

If you run a local community group or organisation and would like more information for your website or newsletter or if you are holding any online events or meetings and would like to receive a presentation or the opportunity to ask questions, you can also contact the ONS Census Engagement Manager for Dorset, Philip Eades, at  philip.eades98@field.census.gov.uk or on 07452 948119.

Why is the census asking me about my gender and sexual orientation?

 This census asks voluntary questions about sexual orientation and gender identity for the first time. This is to give us more accurate information on lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender populations. This will help organisations combat any inequalities these groups face and show where services are needed. The census will only ask people aged 16 years and over these questions. If you do not feel comfortable identifying on the same form as the rest of your household, you can request an individual census questionnaire and answer separately.

Can I help friends and family fill in the census?

 Yes. If a friend or family member needs support, help them if you can. Always fill in your own census first. You can also ask for help for yourself, or for someone else.

Is it safe for the census to go ahead at present?

Yes. The ONS has planned and built a flexible operation which can adapt to the changing circumstances of the pandemic. It will continue to review and adapt these plans to ensure census staff and the public can be kept safe and everyone can be safely counted. It is important to note that the ONS hopes that about 75% of the population will complete the census online without the need for any additional support.

Census 2021 will also be crucial to our understanding of how the people of England and Wales have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and it will give us detailed information on the health, social and economic impacts on all of us. It is essential we understand the needs of different groups and communities and the challenges people are facing in order to inform future decisions and policy making.

Where can I get more information?

  • Your local Census Engagement Manager, Philip Eades can provide you with talks, presentations, posters, leaflets in many languages and social media content. Contact Phil via philip.eades98@field.census.gov.uk or call 07452 948119.
  • Downloadable resources are available at census.gov.uk/downloadable-resources
  • There are still jobs available at the Census censusjobs.co.uk

Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan Consultation

Wimborne Minster Town Council is drafting a response to Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan.

Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan documentation is complex and has a significant impact on Wimborne Minster and neighbouring parishes.

WMTC has set up a Task and Finish Group to help draft a response to the Plan for submission to and consideration by the Town Council.

The Task and Finish Group has identified six key theme areas within the documentation. These include:

  • Development Strategy
  • Environment and Climate Change
  • Housing
  • Economy
  • Community Infrastructure
  • Proposals for Wimborne and Colehill

Each of the key theme areas have been assigned a Lead Councillor to help collate responses relevant to that theme. The Town Council is also co-opting other individuals onto the Task and Finish Group as and when appropriate as well as liaising and sharing information with other bodies such as EDEP (East Dorset Environmental Partnership) and neighbouring Parish Councils.

The Town Council will hold a virtual meeting via Zoom on Friday 12 March 2021 at 10am to formally consider its response to Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan. An agenda and instructions on how to join this meeting will be made available on the Town Council’s website from Monday 8 March 2021.

As a consultee, the Town Council’s comments on the draft Local Plan will only count as one response. The Town Council is therefore urging all members of the local community to review and comment on the draft Local Plan as individuals. You can view and respond to Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan via the following online link:

Dorset Council’s draft Local Plan Consultation

The consultation ends on Monday 15 March 2021. All responses must be sent in by this date.

The Great Minster Pancake Toss

How many times can you toss a pancake in 30 seconds?!

Everyone was disappointed this year when Wimborne Minster had to cancel the annual pancake race due to Covid 19.

Although a physical race cannot take place, Wimborne Minster invites you to test your tossing skills, by filming yourself tossing a pancake for 30 seconds and posting it to Facebook between Monday 15th and Friday 20th February.

Tag in “@WimborneBID”, and use #MinsterPancakes to be entered into a prize draw.

The virtual competition is being organised and sponsored by Wimborne BID on behalf of the Minster Church. Chairman of Wimborne BID, Martin Pate, said “The pancake race is a huge part of the town and something that brings the whole community together. We didn’t want to lose that.”

Rector of the Minster, the Revd Canon Andrew Rowland, said, “In twenty years of running around the Minster the best I have ever managed was second!  Here’s a golden opportunity for every armchair sportsperson to put flour and water together and flip into history.”

Anthony Oliver, the Minsters Press Officer who normally organises the annual race together with a small committee said, “he was delighted that Wimborne BID had come to the rescue so that the race, revived in 1998, can be held albeit in a different format in this its twenty fourth year.”

There are three categories for the prize draw: Under 16s, over 16s and businesses. Prizes will be donated from local businesses, Wimborne Minster Town Council and Wimborne BID.

To enter simply record yourself or someone in your household or bubble tossing a pancake for thirty seconds.

Post the video to Facebook, making sure that the post is marked public so that we can view it.

To enter the prize draw you must tag in @wimborneBID and use the hashtag #MinsterPancakes.




Photo credit: Dave Hoare


Press contact:

Tammy Sleet


07894 168085

Council Tax Announcement

The Town Council has set its budget for 2021/22 and is pleased to say that there will be no increase in the local council tax for the next financial year. Councillors recognise the continuing economic difficulties many residents have faced and which will continue to face for some time. Please note the local council tax for Wimborne Minster is only one part of the overall Council Tax bill and the other elements will be decided by those authorities.

Wimborne BID Ballot

WMTC is pleased to announce that last Friday the Council agreed to vote “Yes” in the BID election. The Town Council has worked closely with the BID and co-funded many projects for the Town which have benefitted both residents and businesses. We hope to continue this relationship.

“First Class” Barbers Shop – East Street

The Town Council drew the attention of Dorset Council’s Planning Enforcement Team to the First Class Barbers shop facia sign in East Street over a week ago and the Team has confirmed that as the property is in a Conservation Area, planning consent will be required from Dorset Council. The Team is tracing the occupants to advise accordingly.

Dorset Local Plan Consultation

A consultation on the Dorset Council Local Plan will start on 18 January 2021 and end on 15 March 2021. Once adopted, the Local Plan will guide decisions on planning applications in Dorset until 2038.

Please follow the link below.