A Special Commission

The Town Mayor Cllrs Mrs Kelly Webb has given a very special commission to the Militia for one day only!  East Dorset District Council are in their final year of operation, on the 1st April 2019 the new Dorset authority will come into being.  The very last Chairman of the District Council, Cllr Mrs Toni Coombs will be having a special Civic Service of Thanksgiving in the Minster on the 4th March next year and it seemed only fitting to have the Militia in attendance to send off East Dorset District Council with a bang!

As the Militia pledge to protect the Town Mayor for their year of office, a special scroll was created by the Town Mayor requesting that the Militia instead guard the Chairman of East Dorset District Council for one day only!  Chris Brown the Town Serjant received the scroll and passed his own to Cllr Coombs pledging the Militia service for that day.

Cllr Webb said “Next year is a milestone for our local government arrangements and the Town Council wanted to help mark the event by sharing the town’s Militia.  The 4th March will be a very special occasion – there may even be a few tears!  Many people in town have been involved with the District Council over the years, maybe as Councillors or officers, so it really is the end of an era.  I’m glad the Chairman decided to hold this special event here in Wimborne Minster”.