Mayor Elect for Wimborne Minster town for the civic year 2018/19 is Cllr Mrs Kelly Webb who succeeds Cllr Terry Wheeler. She will formally take up office on 15 May 2018.
Kelly has three children and moved to Wimborne in 2006 from nearby Broadstone. She said “I worked in the High Street as a Financial Adviser in the early 2000s and loved it here so much, we moved to be closer to the town centre”.
Having spent most of her working life in the financial services sector as a project manager, Kelly worked at East Dorset District Council for 6 years and went on to manage Wimborne BID until 2015 when she became a Councillor at Wimborne Minster Town Council.
“Moving from EDDC, to the BID and then to the Town Council was like moving departments! I feel this great sense of community in Wimborne with so many interesting and varied organisations, often run by keen and willing volunteers”.
Kelly helped set up Radio Wimborne and is a volunteer manager and presenter there, which is housed at the Allendale Centre. She has chaired the Resources Committee for the last 2 years.
Kelly said “Becoming a Councillor was a new and exciting challenge for me. In my role as the Chairman of the Town Council’s Resources Committee, I managed projects to introduce changes and improvements at the Council, particularly considering the changes on the horizon with Local Government Reorganisation. I plan to continue to help move the Council forward positively during my Mayoral year”.
During the year Kelly will be raising money for the following charities: Allendale House, the Allendale Centre and Julia’s House, but there will be opportunities throughout the year for other charities to benefit from organised events.

The Deputy Mayor will be Cllr Shane Bartlett.