After 10 years of superb help and support  the planting and watering contractor to Wimborne in Bloom will no longer be taking on the tasks beyond 2023.  At this time they will be looking to sell their bowser, pump and associated hoses.  Whilst the plantings take place twice a year the watering requirements are substantial over the Summer months from mid June to the end of September.

As a result of this change we are seeking a contractor(s) to take on the watering requirements for the above over the summer season starting summer 2024 and continuing annually thereafter.

Under the current contractors the whole asset list, being hanging baskets, planters and flower towers, is watered on an every-other-day basis.   Experience from previous years has shown that any longer gap between watering, especially the hanging baskets can result in the failure of the plants, leading to the need for their removal.
With the advent of changing weather there has to be a certain flexibility to prevailing conditions.  It is fully appreciated that this will be a time of considerable change and Wimborne in Bloom is prepared to discuss alternative watering and planting schemes possibly relocating assets to make watering easier and even implementing reductions in the total asset list.

A further avenue to be fully explored is that approx 50% of the planters have built in reservoirs with a stated required watering rate of once per week, i.e. they could possibly be replenished weekly.   The approach to date has been primarily to ‘surface water’ rather than rely on the reservoirs so, should further reliance be placed on this facility, some form of contingency plan will need to be put in place to cover any shortfall in achieving expectations.

We are contacting potential companies to determine those interested in undertaking the work and are flexible to change and improvements.

Wimborne in Bloom needs help in overcoming this major issue to ensure that the floral displays around our Town can continue to be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. Any potential contractor who might be interested in helping should please email Wimborne in Bloom info@wimborneinbloom.org.uk so that we can ensure you are on our contact list.