Making Christmas Great Again 2022 Jpeg

As the first ‘normal’ Christmas since 2019 approaches, we want to MAKE CHRISTMAS GREAT AGAIN!

For many, Christmas can be a very lonely time, so this year we want to try to include as many people as possible, to spread and share, some Christmas cheer. We understand from talking to people that ‘a great Christmas’ means different things to different people, and that ‘being lonely’ is very different to ‘being alone’.

So, this year we want to offer a lot of different options for people to get involved in a way that is best for them. We know that some people are happy at home – but would love a hot Christmas meal, and for others, it is all about the company.

Options for people to enjoy a great Christmas will be:

  • Receiving a plated hot dinner delivered to their home
  • Being invited to share a Christmas meal at someone’s home
  • Going to a Christmas dinner being hosted in the community

If you know someone who would like any of the above options, please register their details and preferences using this form.

For anyone who could volunteer to help at Christmas this year, we may be looking for people who could:

  • Prepare a plated meal at home and deliver it to someone
  • Collect a plated meal (from a pub/restaurant) and deliver it to someone
  • Collect someone from their home and take them to a community Christmas meal
  • Help out at a community Christmas meal
  • Host someone at your home to share Christmas cheer and a meal

Register to volunteer on Christmas Day

We know that more people than ever will need help and support this Christmas, however our focus will be supporting vulnerable, elderly people who live alone (or in a partner who is a carer).

If you would like any additional information at all, please get in touch.