It’s a Happy Birthday to Wimborne in Bloom 28 years today…I often wonder why we ever started it but to be fair I hope it has done a lot of good for the Town and certainly it has put it on the IN BLOOM Map. It has brought a lot of people together and we have had some fun and enjoyment from many of the fundraising events we have held. These have been sorely missed this year and so of course has our income as we rely almost entirely on the generosity of our residents and visitors alike, being a Charity and surviving on voluntary donations and we are indeed grateful for all the support, both financial and practical, which has and continues to be given. In a normal year we raise somewhere in the region of £15,000. Grateful thanks must also go to all those who still serve and have served on the committee over the last 28 years as without them we would never be where we are today.

Let us hope that we can get back to some form of normality next year and once again have a Town full of colour as is indeed is depicted in the lovely book ‘Blooming Wimborne’ produced by Brian Salter (see attached). It really does show the main streets  of Wimborne full of glorious colour and don’t forget it’s still available from me at £4.95 a copy…the book certainly makes a good Christmas present and Wimborne in Bloom receives the profit from any of the books which we sell.