Councillor Andrew Hampton


First elected in 2004
Picture of Cllr Mr A J Hampton In 2001, my family and I set up a business in Wimborne Minster, at around the same time as moving to the town. Such was the welcome that I, my wife, Amelia, and two young children received that I knew immediately that Wimborne was a truly special town.

I very quickly felt not only a sense of pride in this remarkable town, but also a sense of responsibility to maintain its unique character. As I planned to make my family’s living out of Wimborne, I wanted the opportunity to be able to give something back, and in my involvement with the Town Council I find I can use my skills to do that.

My fellow councillors and residents of Wimborne were working hard to make this town the success that it is long before I arrived, and I am keen to ensure that their good work is appreciated and sustained by a new generation.

People often comment that Wimborne has a certain ‘magic’ about it. I could not agree more, but I also know that magic doesn’t happen without someone working behind the scenes to give it a helping hand. I aim to ensure Wimborne continues to enchant and delight both visitors and residents for the foreseeable future.

I am also involved in Wimborne Minster’s very active Chamber of Trade, and on the committee for Dreamboats (Rowing on the Stour).