Wimborne Minster Town Council

Policy and Review Committee

To send an enquiry regarding matters for this committee, please email the Town clerk. Alternatively you can contact an individual member of each committee by selecting from the list on the right of this page.

Terms of reference

  • Council strategy
  • Review of committee structure
  • Conditions of Employment and appointment of staff
  • All personnel matters
  • Matters referred from Council or Committee meetings
  • Review of Standing Orders
  • Commenting on Documents not within the purview of any other Committee
  • Recommending the precept to the Council

Delegated to Committee

  • To recommend to the Council changes in the Council’s establishment.
  • To be responsible for the appointment and conditions of service of staff.
  • To be responsible for all personnel matters.
  • To recommend to the Council any changes in Standing Orders or the Scheme of Delegation.
  • To recommend to the Council any changes to the Council’s Committee Structure.
  • To formulate comments on any document not the specific responsibility of any other Committee.
  • All matters delegated to other Committees.

Delegated to Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Committee

  • At the request of the Town Clerk and in circumstances deemed to be exceptional and urgent to exercise any powers within the purview of their Committee provided they are satisfied that the decision cannot wait for the next meeting, is not against Council policy, is financially viable or defensible and is reported to the next ordinary meeting of the Committee. In the event that the Chairman and/or Vice-Chairman are absent and cannot be contacted then this power shall pass to the Chairman/and or Vice-Chairman of the Council or another member acting with one of those members.
  • That in the event that a Chairman of a Committee is not able to be present at a meeting of the Policy and Review Committee or at one of the informal meetings with the District Councillors the Vice-Chairman of that Committee be permitted to attend instead.